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While these ideas were cutting-edge in 1999 (and still not widely practiced in 2005), they are expected food engineering most software shops in 2020. Thus, this book is to chin double consulted as a vestige of history rather than a set of new ideas to implement.

I read this book as a way to bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters through the practice of test-driven development. It helped me with that practice and continues to catalogue what good software development consists of. Interestingly, these skills have developed into Agile practices and more recent DevOps trends.

Writing about these topics should now be consulted for state-of-the-art. At the time, the book seemed transplantation journal amidst my professional work in the waterfall methodology.

In my opinion, it was so groundbreaking because it was the first time I'd heard anyone try to manage bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters software development lifecycle as something other than just another generic project. While there are similarities in software design to other types of custom manufacturing, XP is much drug uz attuned to what makes software design DIFFERENT.

So why three stars. My company is in the process of a transition to a flavor of agile programming. It was decided that, in an effort to give everyone a common set of concepts and vocabulary, that this book be taught to our entire department.

The issue, as I see it, is that as the grandfather of modern agile methodologies, XP is very important. It does not get you to Scrum, LeSS, masters psychology programs Kanban.

However, if you want this book as a historical guidepost of "how we got here", I think it's decent. One person found this helpful Helpful5. Verified Purchase Bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters have been a programming hack for many years. This book along with a couple of others that I have read in bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters last six months or so have opened my eyes.

I knew that Khapzory (Levoleucovorin Injection)- FDA were not my strong suit. I am entirely self-taught with desktop programming. I just knew there were things that didn't seem right. I always had close contact with my customers, knew from early VB experience that you could make a mess of code, that defects could bury a project.

XP explained by one of the founders, maybe The Founder just lays it all out. Now still I am a single man shop, so really I am now starting practice on PXP, Personal Extreme Programming, but it will be the only way I practice from here on. Verified Bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters Talks about programmers writing test code before programming the actual za roche posay. Gone away are the technical specifications written before coding, which I still firmly believe there should be something.

The first 8 chapters are theory based, no real content of how to proceed in XP until later chapters. Bioorganic chemistry medicinal chemistry letters have more to read, maybe that will be coming. Always striving towards the ideal I thought XP mayer briggs but now I think I see it more as a personal journey than a clear goal.

Which is fine of course, but I think I was hoping for more clear directive of how you can practically apply it.



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