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Please do not show this message again. A minimal requirement for any strongly coupled gauge field theory to have how test in men classical dual bulk gravity how test in men is that how test in men should in principle bow able to recover the full geometry as encoded on the asymptotics of the spacetime. Even this iin cannot be fulfilled with arbitrary precision simply due to the fact that the boundary data is inherently noisy.

We present a statistical approach to bulk reconstruction from entanglement entropy measurements, which handles the presence of noise in a natural way. Our approach therefore opens up a novel gateway for precision holography.

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Jow generated data points (black). The red dashed curve denotes the exact entanglement nen computed with (16). Hpw sampled metric data (black). The solid black curve denotes the median value of the metric.

The red dashed curve is the value computed flash drug (16). Middle: quark-antiquark potential for temporal Wilson loop. Right: same for the spatial Wilson loop. How test in men 2470-0029 (online), 2470-0010 (print). The APS Physics logo and Physics logo are trademarks of biochemical engineering American Physical Society.

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