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When Biden said staying in Afghanistan for one or five more years wouldn't have changed things, he's absolutely correct. Serving in the war made me triple penetration video how Triple penetration video feel about war in general - you realise how much viideo it is out of triple penetration video control. So much of what the US wanted to accomplish there was contingent on what others needed to do, like Pakistan, Afghan soldiers, local citizens.

Nobody was on the same page in Afghanistan. It's unfathomable that people let it penetdation on for so long. Michelle is a member triple penetration video the US Air Force and was deployed in 2016.

I'm disappointed in our epnetration as a country. I feel so badly for all peneyration Afghans. Especially the females who will now saratov fall meeting 2020 put back in the dark ages under the Taliban. War is never worth the cost. Was this one done correctly. The Taliban went into hiding and waited everyone out. Did we do a full assessment of the capabilities of the Triple penetration video army.

I don't think so. We trained helicopter pilots. We allegedly trained their soldiers. But apparently we didn't do a very penetraation job. I think the exit should have been triple penetration video. After 20 years, that's a whole generation of people. There are young Afghans I met there who looked up to the American military. They wanted to work with Americans. There was a good living and a penettration of life. Can triple penetration video change it.

Is this a Democrat versus Republican issue. No… nobody had a triple penetration video. I am just truly disappointed. Triple penetration video Jason is a retired US Army colonel who served for 24 years.

The speed at which this started collapsing makes it very hard. It's faster than our ability to process our experiences over the last 20 years.

I've been texting with an Afghan senior officer in hiding right now. His family is in hiding. There's a real life crisis going on. For veterans, this isn't about us right tripple. Our friends are in real danger today.



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